Overview of Nissin International Patent Firm


【Established】   JANUARY 8, 2002

【Managing Director/Patent Attorney】  Yoichi KUMAZAKI

【Overseas Section Manager】      Shigeru YABUUCHI


Domestic Division:

Filing of Patent/Utility Model/Design/Trademark applications including other legal prosecutions e.g., appeal request, opposition, appraisal in the fields of mechanical engineering/biochemistry/electrical and electronic engineering/computer control system/ business model and others.

International Division:

International Application (PCT international and national phases), International Registration under Madrid Agreement for trademark registration and Hague Agreement of industrial design registration, and other overseas applications. Searches and FTO for prior applications/registrations for patents, utility models, designs, and trademarks Consultations and Seminars for IP business strategy and educational programs and other legal assistance Translation/ Interpretation for patent, non-patent documents and other legal documents

【Location & Contact】

Postal Code: 470-0125

Address: 2nd Floor CROM BLDG. 2-607 Akaike Nissin Aichi Japan

Telephone: +81-52-807-2140  {Int'l Division: +81-52-807-2148]

Facsimile: +81-52-807-2147

Our aims:

◇ We strive to assist people create new technology and make other people happier and more creative, thus creating a better world. 

◇ We always do our best to protect our clients' ideas and creativity to keep their business activities more challenging, competitive, and sustainable.

Your unique idea and technology are full of opportunities to make it possible to develop more advanced technology, design and method for marketing and branding for your future business,

We are always here to assist you in protecting your technology that makes a better place for us to live together.